Saturday, June 1, 2013

1 Product 4 Ways

For as long as I can remember I have created all sorts of things with unexpected materials. As a child my ideas were grand but my building materials were not. Toilet paper rolls and masking tape will only get you so far. As I grew up I earned the trust of my parents to use better materials such as hot glue and real scissors (not the rounded corner kind and more importantly left handed scissors).

I have a good eye for seeing things at more than face value. In my card making I am always looking to up-cycle paper products. I also like to use unexpected materials as embellishments. For these graduation cards I use some confetti I purchased for only $1.00! Confetti makes the perfect embellishment for cards because they are shinny. Shinny things make any project look expensive and special. The confetti is also thicker than paper so it adds a little bit of dimension. This, along with the reflective surface, create texture for the card.

Another great quality about the confetti is its reputation. Confetti is exclusively associated with celebrations. Although you may not realize at first that the card you are looking at is made with confetti, your subconscious will recognize it and make you feel excited. On some cards it is easier to see that confetti was used. This card I used black confetti on black paper. This way, some of the confetti could fall into the background and let another piece of confetti be the focal point.

This card captures the moment of excitement when the
caps are tossed into the air at the end of the ceremony!
Black and gold are used to create this sophisticated card.
The typography is layered and angular to show excitement.

All of these graduation cards are for sale in my online store. There you can find more graduation cards and custom options. Congratulations class of 2013!