Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Typographic Trifecta of Trends

I'd like to start by just jumping in and saying that I love chevrons! I seriously cannot get enough of them. And I'm not the only one. This has been a rapidly growing trend that I see being used everywhere.

It's all about color and right now its all about mint green. This color has swept the fashion world and is being applied to tops and bottoms alike. I think its beautiful but I wasn't sure my fair complexion and auburn hair would pair well with it. My solution to pulling this color into my wardrobe was to grab some mint green jeans :)

And the latest trend is the ombre. I have been hearing this word all over the place but mostly in beauty trends like hair and nails. I've always just called a color transition a gradient or nuance.

I like keeping up with trends in all facets of my life. With my card making I thought, I should bring all of these trends together and make one super trendy card!

I started on the computer in Adobe Illustrator. After playing on the computer for a little bit I got the chevrons just the way I liked them with the colors assigned to create a smooth ombre. Now I just needed to add the text. This is always the hardest part for me. I decided to go full integral with the text and build the chevrons with the sentiment. They were looking a little wimpy so I bulked them up by doubling up. I added a thin boarder that is the color of the bottom chevron. This helped hold everything together. It also shows the ombre off by using more color comparison points on the card.

Once the design is complete, it gets printed using my trusty office jet printer on bright white 110 lb card stock. Voila! It doesn't get any trendier than that!

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