How it works
I make a variety of high quality, handmade, original cards for any occasion. I put those cards online for the world to browse through. When someone likes what they see they can order it by clicking on the Buy Now button operated through PayPal. So, if there is an event or holiday coming up and you need a card, shop here!

Quality and Originality
I take pride in my products. I use as much of my original materials as possible. I create the vast majority of images I use. I do not use brand name stamps or stickers as focal points for my cards. I will use store bought embellishments if they make the card better. I don't have the tools to make everything. This sets me apart from most card makers. Many items crafters buy have an angel policy which allows them to sell homemade products. I choose to create my own images. I print images and text because it is clean and looks more professional. I aim to bridge the gap between homemade charm and corporate standards.

About JLiB
JLiB was first created while I was discovering myself as a designer. I consider myself lucky because I knew from a young age exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I just finished my degree in graphic design and I couldn't be more excited. I have done paper crafts with my mom for as long as I can remember. My wish is to combine what I learned in the classroom with my passion for crafting. I bring a bold, feminine style to my designs. I enjoy all facets of art from traditional to performing, culinary to design.

impress. inspire. impact

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  1. Hey, Jessica!
    I finally found your blog. I want to check out your card designs - you may inspire me with one of your designs!


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