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My favorite embellishment: Buttons!
I have made clay embellishments in the past for myself and my mom. When I got the idea to sell some at an upcoming craft show I knew I had to start with buttons :)



Buttons can be used in so many ways. Every day we see them on clothing. So I decided to get creative and amp up some of my favorite accessories with some of my favorite embellishments. I don't really know my way around a sewing machine so luckily all I needed was a needle and thread.


You will see some uses for buttons in some of my paper craft projects that follow.

Gotta have em?! Purchase these buttons & more online, here.

Something new for Spring: Paper Pinwheels!
I made some big (normal) pinwheels as decoration for some of my flower pots. I thought they would be absolutely adorable as tiny
embellishments for paper crafting.

More uses for Pinwheels

I love these tiny pinwheels! I just want to put them everywhere.
They clip onto these tiny jars perfectly.  They can be lined up
on a table as a pretty center piece. They could also be placed on book
shelves among  other decor items. They would also  look super cute
sitting next to a card  with a pinwheel on it!

As I mentioned earlier, I got the idea to make minis when I was making
larger pinwheels for flower pots. Well check out how cute these minis
are in their own pots!


And, it is a paper clip after all, so use it as a paper clip!

- In this photo I'm using it as a page   marker for the upcoming month.
I'd say its a coincidence that it matches my planner perfectly,
but I think its just my enormous infatuation
 with polka dots! 

- They would also be really cute clipped onto a journal page.
They might spark something fun to write about! 

- You could also use it as a book mark! How fun would that be this summer?!

This card was made by a customer. She featured these fun pinwheels on a birthday card.

Card handmade by Lorraine.

Round & round I go: Rosettes!
These fun, textural items can be used for just about anything. They look great in solid colors and wearing patterns.

Cards that feature rosettes:


Another way I really like to use these embellishments is on packaging. They are
a great substitute to using bows. Look at how they transform plain white packaging.
I bought the bag from a craft store and  made the box really fast out of white card
stock. I really enjoy bright colors on white but you could use any color combo that
suits you or your recipient. If you already bough some, I'm sure whatever rosettes
you have will work. After all, you picked them for a reason, you must love them!

These embellishments all work really well together. Buttons are at the center of almost all of my rosettes. I had fun using them all in my scrapbook.


One last project for these pinwheels and rosettes! I love to make picture frames. I buy them super cheap at the craft store
and decorate them almost like I would a scrapbook page.

Up-cycling: Flowers

These flowers are made from up-cycled dryer sheets! They are all hand dyed and have either an up-cycled button or a hand made one. Get your flowers here.


These flowers look amazing on cards. They have lots of fluffy layers and come in soft pastels as well as bold colors. I also use these flowers as hair clips. They could be used to jazz up bags, hats, or be worn as a broach.

This beautiful card was made by a customer. She paired a large and medium size flower to be the focal point of this card. They ad another level of texture to this already texture filled card.

This card is handmade by Lorraine.

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Paper Flowers
Fun paper flowers made from JLiB designer paper are all handmade and one of a kind. They are all embellished with a handmade JLiB original button. They make beautiful embellishments on cards and scrapbook pages. Use them for whatever creative idea you have! Get your flower embellishments here.


Paper Stars

These colorful stars are made just like the flowers. The designer paper and button embellishments are handmade, one of a kind JLiB products. Get your star embellishments here.

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