Change is a Good Thing

It's time for some cards to get a makeover! I took some of my favorite images from my cards and transformed them with new layouts.

See how these cards were transformed.

Step By Step Easter Illustration

Most of my cards feature my original illustrations. See how a sketch is transformed into an illustration and how it ends up on a card.

See how I do it, here.

New Year, New Supplies

I made three birthday cards from my new supplies I got as Christmas presents.

Follow along as I made them.

Alphabet Challenge

Follow along as I go through the alphabet, creating a card inspired by each letter. I will be making a card every day for the next 26 days! 

Learn more about the challenge here!

See the entire collection of cards here.

1 Product 4 Ways

I use one exciting, unconventional paper craft material
and make four unique cards.

See them all here...

Oh Baby!

Do you ever wonder what the heck I'm thinking?
I take you along every step of the way as I make
baby themed cards. Packed with photos, I also 

include tips and tricks that will inspire.

It all starts with a sketch...

Thinking Green

Inspiration strikes out in the garden. Luckily I have
my trusted companion to help me pick the perfect
clovers for this year's (2013) St. Patrick's Day cards!

(Now these cards can be used to wish someone good
luck or let a loved one know you are lucky to have them)

See how they were made...

From Vendor to Host

My experience with co-coordinating
co-hosting and full time vending
the Buy Local First Holiday Artisans Market.

Learn how I did it...

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