Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Closer Look

Valentine's Day is my second busiest holiday and one of my favorite holidays to design for. I love the classic imagery and color schemes. I also love trying to come up with new and exciting looks for the holiday. I'd like to share with you a closer look into some of my cards and what careful planning went on behind the card.

This lovely card used classic valentine sayings in a crisp and clean monochromatic color pallet. I used stamps to create the background. The words may look randomly placed but they were actually thoughtfully chosen. Notice how there is some repetition and yet none of the same words appear right next to each other. I made a few of these cards and each one has a different background. Another way to differentiate between cards is the bow. One has a straight, clean cut. The other is a little bit fancier and cut in a "V". By making these cards a little bit differently it keeps each one special.

This card also keeps with Valentine's Day tradition. In this design I used a more elegant approach rather than the graphic approach in the previous card. The flower embellishments add a unique texture. They are made from up-cycled dryer sheets which are hand cut and dyed. There are a lot of layers to each flower. To reflect that in a more abstract way, the different papers are also layered. Layering different pink papers allows for a level of sophistication. All the paper used in this card are hand stamped or colored.

This hearts and hexagons card uses some classic valentine themes and incorporates some non traditional colors and patterns. The colors used in this card are a variation on a primary color scheme. The yellow is tinted a bit warm, the blue leans close to a teal, and the red is a very deep shade. The background is dry embossed and then highlighted with a shimmer ink pad in the same color as the paper. The blue paper is stamped with white letters. The final touch to this card was hand drawing tiny hearts inside some of the hexagons. Just like in the first card, these were not placed entirely randomly but rather in a carefully spontaneous way.

All three of the cards we took a closer look at are available for sale at my shop.

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