Thursday, February 27, 2014

Step By Step Easter Illustration

One thing that makes my business special is how unique my products are. Most of my cards feature original illustrations. For Easter I was really excited to draw some adorable, fuzzy animals. Here is a look at how I created the image for one of my Easter cards.

First I start by pulling some photo references. I used a number of photos of rabbits and baby ducks along with an old book of animal illustrations I have admired since I was a kid. Drawing from photos helps me to keep the realistic anatomy of the animal. I start sketching the largest animal so I know what size to draw the ducks. These sketches are loose and far from perfect. In fact, the final illustration is far from perfect but that's the style I wanted. I start inking the drawing from the foreground and work my way back. After erasing the pencil marks I begin to add color in the form of chalk pastel pencils. I like to be creative with color blending and for this Easter illustration I had lots of colors in mind. Once I'm happy with the illustration I scan it and from there I can print out as many as I need.

And here is the card I made to feature the illustration:

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